Coding for Kids 1


Coding for Kids 1

At a glance

Coding for Kids 1 is designed to introduce kids to the basic concepts of programming. Using a language created especially for them (Scratch 2.0), young readers can learn to code and create games that get increasingly complex.

Published on: OCT 2017 Author: Coder Kids Illustrated by: Valentina Figus

Our goal is to encourage children not to experience technology passively, but to understand it and see it for what it is: a very powerful tool for bringing their ideas to life.

The aim is not to train young programmers: by introducing them to programming the book seeks to teach children to express their creativity with a new tool, to find new, original and effective solutions to problems, and above all to allow them to see the beauty and the possibility of creating their own projects and realizing their own ideas from scratch, from a blank page.